Rock Climbing

Mount Kenya has two main rock climbing summits. Batian the highest 5199 m, Second highest is Nelion 5188 m among other peaks like; point Lenana 4985 m which is the 3rd highest peak that one access without technical difficulties. Rock climbing Batian and Nelion peaks requires lot of high technical climbing gears and the associated skills  plus a qualified and experienced technical guide.
Climbing these peaks depends on which period of the year. The South Facing side tackling Neion normal route it is in condition from December to March using the Austrian Hut  at 4800 m as the base camp. The North Facing side tackling Batian normal route it is in condition from June to October using Shiptons camp at 4200 m as the base camp. One rock climbs these peaks in 2-3 days which are additional from the normal hiking itinerary but one can also add more days regarding that the weather changes hence making climbing difficult.
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