"My name is Andrew Ucles, I'm a documentary film maker.Having embarked on many adventures throughout the world,I met some pretty amazing and helpful people along the way of which the guiding professional and mountaineering instructor S.Mwangi who I would recommend to anyone venturing into the landscapes of kenya. My link is"
A.Ucles, Australia.
"Thanks so much for guiding and taking care of my family on Mt. Kenya. They enjoyed the hike and experience, and particularly liked getting to know more about Kenya through the stories and exchanges with you!."
"Thanks for your email. Despite all the challenges, it was a fantastic trip. You were so kind and took really good care of me, and all of us. I will certainly be an ambassador for you! "
"Hello Sammy, you are so welcome. I hope everything is good with you and your team and family. Wishing you all the best and thanks for such great memories of Mount Kenya. Take care Patricia Kot." kotpatricia@yahoo.com
Kot Patricia
"Thank you for taking us to the summit, we had a great time!"
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