MountreksnSafaris is a modern ground handling and destination management company in Kenya dedicated to being the giraffes standing tall in Kenya Safaris and giving ultimate service to our clients. Established in 2014 by Samuel Mwangi, born and raised at the foot hills of Mount Kenya national park. After high school I had work as a mountain porter to sustain my living. I worked with most major tour companies by then and in the process I was promoted to be an assistant guide from where I grew gaining practical experience, knowledge in flora and fauna, hospitality, running and handling any kind of challenges I come across in the wild. I have learnt that every time you adventure on the frontier of mind, body and spirit is a good idea to have a reliable partner. 

Being able to share my skills and passion with you is incredibly rewarding. Our pricing costs involves all the activities carried out, current exchange rates of different tariffs and taxes on a particular Safari package. Mode of payments and deposits are made through our direct bank transfers or any other methods of money transfer which you can be notified before booking. All our staff members are certified with good conduct and they are eligible in History, Geography, Flora and Fauna and they fluently speak English and Swahili. 

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