8 Days Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

This route approaches Kilimanjaro from the west andthen joins the Machame route to the east. In the first two days, this route takes you through remote wilderness with chances of seeing wildlife.Taking an itinerary of 8 days gives you ample time to acclamitize. Here is a sample of the itinerary.

DAY 1; Londorossi Gate [7800ft ]– Forest Camp [9500ft ]

Depart from Moshi for the Londorossi gate taking 4 hrs. Then continue driving to Lemosho trailhead in another one hour. Have lunch, then commence through the forest winding up to the first camp.

Hiking Distance; 6km in 3-4 hrs.

DAY 2; Forest Camp – Shira Camp 1 [11500ft ]

After having breakfast, start trekking into a savanna of tall grass and rocky volcanic rocks draped with lichen beards reaching Shira Camp 1. The view of Kibo  across the plateu is amazing.

Hiking Distance; 8km in 5-6 hrs

DAY 3; Shira Camp 1 – Shira 2 to Moir Hut [13800 ft]

In this whole day, we’ll be exploring the Shira plateau walking east towards Kibo glaciated peak. Shira plateau is one of  the highest  plateaus on earth.

Hiking Distance ; 14 km in 5-7 hrs

DAY 4; Moir hut – Lava tower –Barranco Camp [ 13000 ft]

Leave the camp continuing with the trekking to the east up ridge, passing the junction towards the peak of Kibo. We continue our direction changing to South East towards Lava tower.Have Lunch from this point and continue down to the Barranco Camp for overnight and dinner. This day is very important for acclimatization ahead of the Summit.

Hiking Distance ; 7km in 4-6 hrs.

DAY 5; Barranco Camp –Karanga Camp ( 3995m )

After breakfast, we leave Barranco camp tackling the great Barranco wall. Continue with the trekking crossing some hills reaching Karanga camp for lunch. From this camp, you will have ample time to acclimatize to high altitude ahead of rest high altitudes.

Day 6;Karanga Camp – Barafu Camp( 4600m)

After having breakfast and packing, start trekking along the slope reaching Barafu Camp in 1 – 2  hours. By reaching this camp early, you will havetime to sleep before the tough taskCampsummiting.

DAY 7;Barafu Camp – Summit [ Uhuru peak 5895m ] – Mweka Camp

Wake up at around midnight, have a simple breakfast and start the most challenging part of the climb. Before you get to Stella point [ 18600ft] you’ll be amazed by the spectacular sun rise. From point Stella, it’s only anhour left to Uhuru peak.

At Uhuru peak, you have reached the highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro and the continent  ofAfrica. Take some photos and descend down to Mweka Hut, stopping at Barafu Camp for lunch. After lunch the distance to Mweka Camp is more demanding and tiring as from exhaustion from the Summit. At Mweka camp we have our last dinner on the mountain and a well earned sleep.

Hiking Distance ; 5km  ascent\ 12 km decent

Hiking time; 7-8 hrs ascent\ 4-6 hrs descent

DAY 8; Mweka Camp ( 3100m ) – Mweka Gate ( 1980m) – Moshi town

Leave the camp descending down to Mweka gate, Check out of the park gate and be given certificates of achievement. Then board your vehicle taking you through the Mweka village reaching Moshi town in your hotel or onward destination.

Hiking Distance; 10 km in 3-4 hrs.

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